Gobble-gobble, Voiceheads!! Filling in for Eric 15, it's Norrie Morse… he's bad, and he sleeps well!! (That's 'cuz of the gobble-gobble, of course… trip da fan-tastic!!!)

Colin and Libby are pleased to announce that this week's show is here a day early for you to stream at your leisure with friends and family. This week, Colin sets aside 60 minutes of a special day to pause, reflect, and send a very special linked mixtape for all the TMOYM listeners and everyone they care for. Why not take the time to mull over the mixtape link with a mulled wine or two?

You are welcome to share any memories and stories evoked by Episode 17 of The Transatlantic Mixtape Of Your Mind. Visit our TMOYM community at Facebook.

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