super Tuesday my ass – mine was worked off to make ends meet. Had enough, so lets rock, seeing I’m back at work at 7am tomorrow and it’s almost 4am. Sly and the Family Stone, Nick Curran, the Stooges, Mallard, Damned, Death, COws, Space, Cramps, Johnny Mandel, Reagan Youth, JOe Jackson, BK-One, Mos Def, Chiddy Bang, Husker Du, K’nann, Minutemen, Big Black, L7, Karen O and more.

The Pop Shop celebrates International Women’s Day with a special show dedicated to ladies of the ’80s. Hear us roar, Tuesday at midnight!

Our Journey: Freedom Rider Marv Davidov, Pt I
Produced by Bob Zeller, with music by Spider John Koerner

From his days as a Freedom Rider in the 1960s, to leading anti-weapons protests at Honeywell in the 1980s, Marv Davidov dedicated his life to peace and social justice. In January of this year, he died at the age of 80. This is his story.

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It’s all Vocal Group Harmony today.

The first 20 minutes of the show were dedicated to Davy Jones, who passed away on February 29. The rest of the show was dedicated to International Women’s Day.

Root Of All Evil Radio Playlist 3/4/12 w the Shreddinator,
Vermon, BloodyJohn and Gunther

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Goodbye Davy Jones Hello Bangles

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