Musical Olympic closing ceremony revisionism and congrats to the winners, a chat with Greg Schaefer from GST on this weekend’s “Rhythmically Speaking” dance performance at The Southern.

Wherein DJ SLT and Jeremy B, King of Collectors Corner, cause an aural trainwreck and giggle over the carnage…all while still not picking up the phone.

Born In Blood!!

"We Hope You're Ready For Flo & Eddie" segment, new tunes by Jimmy LaFave, Crankshaft, Corb Lund, Little Feat, and Ian Hunter, along with some Beatles, J.D. McPherson, Deadstring Brothers, an interview with Red House Records artist Dave Moore, plus a whole lot of other crapola.

Chris Berry, owner/manager of Soft Abuse label joined me and shared music from forthcoming record local sludge-duo Myrrh (Jackie Becky also of Brute Heart and Andy Mazarol also of Mother of Fire) being released August 21. He shared favorites from his vinyl collection and from his label.

Mick Novak (formerly of This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’ of Louisiana Rhythms) hosts this week, as Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy head for the coast.

Play list for htis week.