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Episode #510 – The 9th annual Fab Fouth Dimension! 

Guest DJ Dave Roberts take's those fun little tunes from those 4 loveable Mop Tops and see's what happens when some REAL singers give them a whirl!  You know …..REAL singers – like John Fred, Bob Leaper, Howard Roberts and even the Arbutus Singers!

Thanks to DJ Cozy Little for covering last week.  I was out chasing change.  The radio side triip is on today so hit play on the archive and let it run


Another Museum in a Different Kitten!!!

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Norrie Morse in this week for Angie and The Nighthawk! To celebrate Yukimi Nagano bringing her band Little Dragon to 1st Ave Thur. May 28th, Norrie dropped tracks into the mix by the Dragon and by other outfits Nagano's sung with over the years_ Hird,  Sleep Walker and the group that introduced the world to her voice_  Koop, doing "Summer Sun." Listen also for a piece by Little Dragon's opening warmup act Sango.