Run Westy Run members Kirk and Kraig Johnson and Terry Fisher joined me the 2nd hour, spinning rare live RWR, songs from forthcoming Kraig Johnson solo album, other projects and favorites! They perform a rare show at the Turf Club Saturday! The first hour I spun new local and favorites over time in punk, post-punk, garage, psych, indie rock and alt-country.

Tonight: A late b-day four play for The Turtles' Howard Kaylan, a tribute to Bernie Worrell, keyboarder extraordinaire, a Donna Summer super set, and a number of tunes featuring Bruce Sudano. Whew! Jam-packed action!

 The show premieres a full interview with Jan Hammer I did around the time of Prince's passing. here is a link to keep up to date with his most recent work .  playlist includes tunes by iammanolis, Phillip Michael Thomas, Hello Meteor, Clone and many more!

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