This weeks Mixtape made just for you is filled with the music of a great group of multi talented artists that have something in common. Can you spot the link between them before our hour together is complete?

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The Pop Shop's DJ Izzy pilots the Jet Set Stratocruiser this week featuring jet-setty versions of classic pop tunes!

Subsonic Stu in for SLT this week.  Busted out the crazy long tunes tonight, including the Jay Chattaway-penned big band fusion epic "Andromeda" (21+min.), the 17+min. Stereolab multi-compositional collage "Refractions in the Plastic Pulse" (from my first exposure to Stereolab, Dots and Loops) and Shpongle's "And The Day Turned to Night" (also 17+min.) During Shpongle, we also heard from two episodes of Colonel Bleep, the first-ever color cartoon series for television.

The Voice cried… "WE HAVE BEEN OBSERVING YOUR EARTH!!!" (sorry, that's not on our playlist!)  And… "GIMME CHOCOLATE!!!" And… "MELT THE GUNS!!!"  And… "CAAAAT WITH TWO HEEEAAADS!!!!"  Also: the adventures of Brian the Snail,  two enti