Birthday for Johnny Mandel. The play list for this week.

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Traditional and new independently released Gospel Music.

SPECIAL GUEST TODAY: Charles E. Cox Jr. telling us all about his recent book Life Is A Business For more information go to

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The Grand Diva and Melinda wishes you and yours a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

The North Country Bandits Return to KFAI.

Fun show this afternoon. Interviews with both ROSIE FLORES and LOUIE PEREZ of Los Lobos were tons of fun…..they’re both cool, interesting people who know how to entertain.

PHIL HEYWOOD came by with some music and a guitar in-hand. We chatted about his upcoming performance (actually, as I’m typing this a few days later, it isn’t upcoming, it’s already happened), spun some discs, and, best of all….Phil played three songs live, in-studio.

The only new release I played this week actually isn’t a new release. WTF, you say? Well, it’s a new release of old, familiar and great tunes. The Concord Label just released a 5-set collection by RAY CHARLES entitled “Singular Genius: The Complete ABC Singles. I’m thinking possible holiday gift here.

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