World Music

Interview with Elbert Batica from the Samjok-o Legacy Martial Arts Center in St. Paul. Mr. Batica opened a martial arts school in St. Paul recently and discussed how he got into the martial arts and how he balances family, work, and martial arts. He also provided details on his martial arts school’s philosophy and teachings.

Guitars(!) and Beats. The latter is a Temposphere mainstay, but the former is usually instrument-non-grata. Not this go round: they are featured throughout the mix with sublime synergy. Enjoy!

Greg and Ian fly the Jet this week!

Reaching back into the archives, Kristina came up with a show of flamenco ladies singing tientos and an interview with Debra Elias Morse.

Musical Olympic closing ceremony revisionism and congrats to the winners, a chat with Greg Schaefer from GST on this weekend’s “Rhythmically Speaking” dance performance at The Southern.

We welcome DJ Brian Engel into the studios to give us a primer on the 10-Year Anniversary of his Hipshaker Minneapolis Rare Soul & Deep Funk Dance Night. What we get is two hours of scorchers on 45, including tracks from The Satin Dolls, Curtis Lee & The KCP’s, The Superlatives, The Daddy Graham Trio, Herb Johnson Settlement, The Monterays, Rickey Calloway, Demon Funk, Roosevelt Matthews, Jimmy Robins, Eugene Church, Freddy Butler, & many more…