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Some tasty listening, inspired by cookbooks

Our homies from A HREF= The Corner/A join us in the studio to talk about their new podcast series and to drop two hours worth of smooth soul, funk, boogie beats to make your bass bounce and your tweeters tweet… featuring classics from Shirley Co, Donny Hathaway, Shuggie Otis, Diana Marvin, Rufus Chaka, and a few wildcards thrown in for good measure…

This program presents some pieces missing from the “Ofrenda musical” for “Día de los Muertos”; Sones jarochos from Veracruz, Mexico; Andean music; Lucho Gatica, from Chile; and music from Colombia. The literature segment presents poetry by the recently deceased Tomás Segovia.

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Cantaoras woo you by applying their unique talents and generous voices to love songs dedicated to lovers, mothers, and their hometowns.

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Rapper Long Shot with a guest appearance by Gary Hines of The Sounds of Blackness.

You Don’t Want None of This! We strut our way into the Disco dancefloor. This episode comes packed with wah wah guitars, four on the floor beats and psychedelic drum breaks. So strap on your neglected platform boots, squeeze into your hip hugging jeans and dance dance dance…

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