World Music

Doug celebrates the Spring Pledge drive with fellow KFAI dj Al B. Ware in the first hour and then is joined by Dale Loomer in the final hour of today's 2016 Spring Pledge Drive edition of "Global Beat".  Special Thanks go out to our beloved Auto Club members who have earmarked a portion of their own funds to support the wide variety of International Music on KFAI — each weekday from noon-2pm… Efkadisto, Gracie, Merci, Muchas Gracias, Shukrun, Domo Arigato, Miigwich, and many more "thanks" !

What a huge show!  Tonight we celebrated the long-awaited release of "Echo Chamber – Around The World In Dub Vol 7 & 8" on Dan Dada Records!!  Also tonight we had 4 guests in the house including a new singer on the scene named Profecy; our pal the soundsystem man and producer known as Dimension Sounds;  and 2 other rhyming guys we picked up off the street — one goes by the name Camouflage, the other goes by White Bread among other names!  And tonight was KFAI Spring Pledge drive night inna Echo Ch