World Music

(Host: Ahmed and Nadya) An excerpt from Red Fairy from Willian Dalrymple’s “Nine Lives” coupled with related music.

PM O'Sullivan ( and his daughter Eske visiting from The Netherlands, playing music and singing and talking about their home and work.

Betamaxx is the guest this show ( more here: ) and we premiere an exclusive track, "Virtual Fantasies" off his forth coming album due out in December "Archaic Science". Other music includes an exclusive from Robots with Rayguns "Retrowasted" off his forth coming album "Wild Style" due out Sep 30th, Rick Clarke, Kristine, FM-84, The Midnight, Vampire Step-Dad, Perfect Science, Fear of Tigers and so much more!! 

Music from Malawi, Angola, South Africa, Jammaica, Italy, Romania, Nigeria, Mexico/France, and more!