Daves Roberts is back guest hosting Jet Set Planet once again!  After 12 hours of broadcasting LIVE from the MN State fair I’m sure dear listeners you’re ready for a nice smooth ride back to reality and what better form of transportation than Jet Set Planet to get you out of that  corndog, fired pickle, squirrel on a stick maylay that is the Great MN Get together!

At the State Fair! Music about fairs, rides, rides gone wrong, love at the fair, and love gone spectacularly wrong at the fair. It's interesting to note that the latter far outweigh the former. KFAIer Ron Thums notes that the reason could be that the gone-wrong songs make for a better story. 

This show featured the fourth appearance of Jezebel Jones and this time she was accompanied by her friends Jeff Crandall and Blood Brother.  The show was originally broadcast on August 26, 2015 hosted by Doug The Thug and Cher Dial.


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