Kenny G w/Kashif – Hi, How Ya Doin?

Jeff Harrington – Caught You With The Ocean In Your Eye

Stephen Bishop – I've Never Known A Night Like This

Wendy Waldman – Love Has Got Me

Milton Wright – Keep It Up

Turning Point – The Sacrifice

Larry Santos – We Can't Hide It Anymore

Ray Stevens – I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow

Grateful Dead – Help On The Way/Slipknot

Rose Royce – The Magic Touch

Dusty Springfield – Nothing Has Been Proved

Nile Rogers – This Is My Love Song For You

With a mix of old and new, SynthWaves brings the 80s back to the Twin Cities airwaves like no other! From The Northern Lights, Satori In Bed, Teddy Mike and F.U.B.A.R to Annie Lennox, Paul Pesco, Tim Feehan and much more.  The 80s LIVE here every Sunday Night 10:30-Midnight.  

"A genius because he keeps a brain in a jar beside the door." (590)

See partial playlist below. Sorry folks, we still haven't figured out how to retain the entire play list for the show. If you email me with questions about specific tunes, I should be able to get you an answer: diamondblue01@msn.com. Thanks for listening!


The RSST Nutshell 12/8/16