The Pop Shop's DJ Izzy pilots the Jet Set Stratocruiser this week featuring jet-setty versions of classic pop tunes!

The RSST Nutshell 6/2/16

Today's program stays entirely within the continent of Africa – old and new – north, west, central & south.  Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, the Sahara, Congo, Angola, and the Ivory Coast.  Just saying… E N J O Y !!!

Today's show featured tunes that have become blues standards. You know 'em, you sing along with them and you do them on stage.

Special guests are Vampire Step-Dad (link here: https://vampirestepdad.bandcamp.com )  and DJ SLT host of KFAI's Across The Borad (airs weekly 2-6am cst) his weekly show and info can be found here http://kfai.org/acrosstheboard and as always streamed live when on air at kfai.org.

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