11/17 in a nutshell…
Palemina (Smith, incidentally) gave us GotchaSKAvered with her 1978 take on Keep On Running, cut during what we at the RSST call Ska’s Lost Decade (roughly 1968-1978). We had a 4(+2)-in-a-row of ’60s Ska International, with tracks from, in order, the UK, Poland, US, Germany, and 2 more US prime cuts. Sherwood raided the annual KFAI Record Sale bins for a good chunk of his orbit (during which a cow jumped over the moon, and a dish… oh, you know the rest). The Ooh (Opening Oldies Hour) went slightly off the rails in a couple of spots, but whaddya expect in space, anyway… gravity, perhaps? Our maneuvering thrusters put us back on the tracks in short order. By the way, just what are tracks doing way out here? Hmmm…

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Sabrina Crews filled in for me this day…I had to take my son to the doctor(again)….yes, I know he’s 34 years old but I’m not leaving him alone to field all those medical emergency situations.
Hemophilia takes no prisoners……..

Pippi Ardennia came by with three young musicians to talk about their appearance with her at the Landmark Center on Sunday, the 13th. I also played mid-century music from Charles Earland, Mel Brown, Dexter Gordon, and Sonny Rollins. Newer tunes from Anthony E. Nelson, Doug Haining, Chip White, and Gloria Lynne. And the Mingus Moment.

The House That Trane Built

“I’m talking about a cauldron full of odd ball mysticism and one helluva Uber Cocktail Sleaze factor.”

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Some tasty listening, inspired by cookbooks

(11/10 in a nutshell)

In addition to the second Ringroll in as many weeks (Mayonaka by a live-onstage Jihen), three more live cuts made up this week’s 4@4. Gaz Mayall’s Trojans GotchaSKAvered with Keep On Running Week 2, and the set following that was brought to you by the letter ‘P’… Sherwood relaxed in the Voov with a couple of lo-o-o-ongies by Steve Turre and Stefon Harris’ fabulous Ninety Miles outfit. In the Ooh, here comes Ringo… but not Shiina! The Skatalites, inspired by Western gunslinger mythology, transformed a traditional Japanese folk song about apples into the kind of galloping ska romp that made ‘em famous. Justin Yap of Top Deck, an Arthur Lyman fan, had the ‘Lites arrange four tunes from the Taboo album, and Ringo Oiwake was one of ‘em.
Ringo rides!