Episode #405 the “I’m not that Spock (yes you are Skipper)” mix.

5/9 in a nutshell…

Let’s cut straight to the middle segment this week… Sherwood sent a musical shout-out to KFAI’s “The Nighthawk” who’d done a prerecorded announcement invoking KFAI’s much-missed “Little City in Space”. The RSST’s very short, very incomplete LCS soundtrack included fondly-remembered music from The Satellite Singers, Tokyo Happy Coats, Harry James, Henry ManciniAND an “ad” for UF-No aerosol flying saucer repellant (from the makers of “Torna-Go” brand tornado repellant!) Things got really spaced-out when the Orb (“We’re Pastie to Grill You” from Pomme Fritz) took its own sweet time mixing into Mutant Frogs (“Pro-Pleasure Gas – Sherwood’s Voovie Doo Dub” from It’s One Of Ours) with the two tracks running simultaneously for a good 3+ minutes! The Home Stretch kicked off with Mari Umeki’s “Boy Lollipop”, GotchaSKAvered took over the 5@5:05, and skipping backwards over the middle segment, the “Ooh” gave us ’60s ska covers of “Stardust”, “Do the Jerk”, “A Rockin’ Good Way” and “Kiddy-O”, as well as opening with a freshly unearthed 1971 Zap Pow goodie from Revolution, “Get Up”. Of course, if you were listening at airtime, chances are good you were already up! ‘Til next time, tune in… and stay tuned.

Mr. Gosh, aka Greg Carr steps up to the Board on a return engagement as host of Global Beat, subbing during the recent Pledge Drive. Check out his latest listening options — right here !

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Maud Hixson called in to talk about her new CD – Don’t Let A Good Thing Get Away – and her CD release party at the Dakota. Other tunes included music by Charles Earland, Jesse McBride, Miles Davis, Jay D’Amico Quintet, Pete Escovedo, Monk, Ian Dogole, and Lee Morgan. The 45 of the week was Fly Me To the Moon, by Wes Montgomery.

it’s a long, long way from May to December
but the days grow short when you reach September

Episode #404 – Attention passengers: Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy of the Pop Shop host this week’s Jet Set Planet. Do not be alarmed.