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News Host: Siobhan Kierans
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12/6 in a nutshell…

Who but Sherwood B. Funn would’ve thought to work The Special AKA into a tribute to the newly late Dave Brubeck? Well, seeing as Jerry Dammers and the crew did record their “War Crimes” in 5/4 time, it might make sense to a handful of other DJs out there… way out there. In fact, Sherwood’s Planet was in various fractured meters more often than not this week, and Brubeck collaborator Paul Desmond’s “Take Five” was heard in 4 different meters… three in the Thelonious Moog version alone! Shiina Ringo stayed in waltz time for her two numbers, as she has yet to record in the higher odd meters… to the best of my knowledge! Dave himself played in ‘4’ on “Cassandra” and on his spoken-word Octet treatment of “How High the Moon”. Before the GotchaSKAvered (“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” this month), the Home Stretch even got in on the Brubeck tribute, with 5/4 ska by Blue Beat Players and our own Mutant Frogs. Btw, “Ob-La-Di”? It’s by The Skeatles this week. Misinformation of the week: our spiel about “Coxsone” the racehorse! We got Mr. Dodd mixed up with Eek-A-Mouse somehow. Nope, Clement Dodd actually acquired his famous nickname from cricket star Alec Coxon, which spelling winds up on some of the Coxsone record labels under the Studio 1 umbrella. Anyhoo, Coxsone Records 45s make up the entirety 5@5:05 this week. Look for what could loosely be described as an extended Unicorn-era set in the run-up to the Morning Blend, and on the other end of the RSST, a short Beatles covers set kicks off the “Ooh”… and that’s the long and short of it. Tune in… and Stay Tuned.

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Mainly Africa, folk n’ blues, old & new blends.

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Today’s show lasted FOUR hours…and I want to thank Ellen Stanley from Women Folk for letting me cover her show today. So I got the chance to Roll & Tumble from 2pm to 6pm this Tuesday. I took the opportunity to play blues from the root of the music to the fruit of it’s endeavor…..from the “Roots to the Fruits”…I called the show today. From the beginning….through most if it’s derivatives…..all the way to the “saxxy, sexy” blues. See play list below of over 40 tunes:

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