A mix of music today, with older tunes from Miles Davis, Randy Weston, Milt Jackson, and Charles Earland, and newer music from Erena Terakuba, Gary Burton, George Collegan, Chris Parker, Bill Carotthers, Gary Smulyan, and Nancy Harms. The 45 of the week was Come Bak to Sorrento, by the Stan Kenton Band.

Episode #433 – Happy Go Lucky until the Jet taxis past the terminal and into the Graveyard.

11/21 in a nutshell…

So, back in 1970, The Upsetters decide to hide one of their choice covers, Blood Sweat & Tears’ “Spinning Wheel”, from the global intellectual property mafia of the time, such as it was, by re-titling their version “Land of Kinks” …so what else do they do but put the thing out on a freakin’ label called “Spinning Wheel”!!! That’s called moxie, skassengers. That tune and more, including two by coming-to-towners The English Beat (Cabooze, Sun. 12/1) in this week’s “Ooh”. Next order of business: Sherwood’s heroine (and ours) Shiina Ringo marks the 15th year of her professional career this year, and hits big 3-5 herself on 11/25, as Mr. Funn announces over “Happy Birthday Ska” as done up by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. We get Shiina Ringo with Saito Neko, Shiina Ringo solo, Shiina Ringo with Tokyo Jihen, and something we’ve been hoping for a long time would come to pass… Shiina Ringo/Yasutaka Nakata (Mr. Capsule, Mr. Perfume, etc.) …and their new collab “Netsuai Hakkakuchu” closes out Sherwood’s Planet this week. We ain’t quite through with the Ringonalia just yet, though… you also get Ringrolled in the Home Stretch by the aforementioned Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra with SR out front doing “Mayonaka wa Junketsu” …but not before you’ve (hopefully) sung along to the 8-bit “Lollipop” (“Lollichip?”) arranged karaoke-style (meaning no melody; you sing that part) by one Remi Vicious. Given the full-tilt Shiina fever Sherwood’s Planet was in the grips of, it seemed natural to trot out another all-Japanese 5@5:05 (though coming as it did hot on the heels of the Ringroll, we’ll excuse you for thinking of it as a 5(+1)@5:05! Later on, we had two cuts from little-known (in the States, anyway) Selecter albums Cruel Britannia and Real to Reel, and we land the Ship right next to the Morning Blend timeslot with hometown heroes The Prizefighters, double-billing with the Black Market Brass (somebody other than the ‘Fighters got the gig… ) at the Nomad Sat. 11/30. Next week: Ringonalia Pt. 2, so tune in… and stay tuned!

After seeing a great documentary on Miriam Makeba last Sunday as part of the African Film Festival at St. Anthony Main, “Images of Africa”… Global Beat features Mama Africa along with her longtime accordionist, fellow band member Sivuca. Also coming to town next week from Mali, Rokia Traore performs at the Cedar Mon. Nov. 25… you can hear two songs from her new release “Beautiful Africa”. Lots more on this week’s program to enjoy as well.

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Mostly newer tracks today, with music from 17 year old B3 wiz Kevin Coellho, Heather Masse, Mauricio de Sauza, Fat Kid Wednesdays, The Mack Avenue Super Band, Steve Gadd, Sonny Fortune, and Nancy Harms. Two older tracks from Miles, and a track from Lew Tabackin. The 45 of the Week was One Note Samba by Herbie Mann, featuring the vocals of Carlos Jobim.