It was the holiday show today, with Larry McDonough and Richard Terrill in the studio to talk about Larry’s new CD – Angels, Kings, Favorite Things. I also did a phone interview with Karrin Allyson, coming to town to sing from her holiday CD – Yuletide Hideaway. Other seasonal fare included songs from Laura Caviani, Connie Evingson & Dave Frishberg, Lucia Newell, Ellis Marsalis, Susan Arioli, Charlie Parker, Babs Gonzalez, Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery, and Bullmoose Jackson.

Episode #437: Flaming Strings, Blazing Brass, and You!

12/19 in a pinecone…

“Adam and Eve went up my sleeve and they never came down until Christmas Eve,” so Merry Skanxmas all you cats! Ol’ Cozy Claws has the skaliday goodies to perk up yer ears, with Sir Lord Comic leading the way. Bob Andy turns life into a symphony, Roland Alphonso dreams of being a bell, and those cannibal kids (tee-hee-hee) from the Gable Hall School Choir are still feasting on Santa the Candy Man. Our joy ride through ska oldie-dom leads, as always, to the fabulous flying party palace known across space (at least in the hyperactive imaginings of Sherwood’s Planet DJ Sherwood B. Funn) as the Voovie Doo Lounge, where we learn who’s birthday Dec. 25th really is… why, it’s Pete Rugolo’s, of course, and he’s heard here doing “Snowfall” and “Skyliner” with Billy May’s “Snowfall Cha-Cha” in the middle of that sandwich. Billy later outs himself as Santa Claus! Listen also for the Nutcracker, as cracked open by Les Brown, Duke Ellington, and the Hot Club of San Francisco (doing the Duke’s “Sugar Rum Cherry” a la French Gypsy Swing). A Christmas present the RSST crew made for KFAI yields up songs with titles like “Winter Love”, “Sno King”, “Winter’s Tale” (written as an ad jingle for Sapporo beer by Hiroshi Takano) and “Snowbound”, that last one being a 7+min. slow-funker by Steely Dan vet Donald Fagen, produced by fellow Danster Walter Becker. In the Home Stretch, Israeli Gila Adari served up this week’s Lollipop, “Od Daka Achat” from a mid-60s 7“ep. The rest of the Stretch delivered wintertime cheer from The Selecter, The Dualers, Bad Manners, The Toasters, Suggs (from Madness), August Darnell as his character Kid Creole, his associate Gichy Dan, and more. Remember, Gina… he’s just a ski instructor! The rest of you… tune in, and stay tuned!

Today’s program carries on from last week’s focus on South Africa as a continuation expanding out to even more voices & styles of music from Africa.

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T Mychael Rambo came by to talk about Words by Ira Gershwin, a production he’s appearing in at the Park Square Theater. We also played a couple of tracks from T Mychaels album Simply. I also played music from Bob DeVos, Cannonball Adderley & Milt Jackson, Peter Kogan, Larry McDonough, Thelonious Monk, Karrin Allyson, Heather Masse, the Hutchinson Andrew Trio, and Frank Sinatra. The 45 of the week was Road to Mandalay, by Count Basie.