Episode #421: Liberty Finch of the Pop Shop fills in for Glen this week. With music by Peter Wyngarde, Johnny Pineapple, Don Tiki, Ella Fitzgerald, Earl Grant and more…….

8/29 in a nutshell…

When we overcome, you’ll want to come over! Don’t take my word for it, just listen to Stranger Cole, whose familiarly-titled-but different song gets the “Ooh” off to a consciousness-raising hat-trick headstart this week, with Bob Marley’s “Judge Not” and The Sensations’ “War Boats” completing the 3, encouraging you to think while you skank. Three songs later, Bunny Wailer puts the icing on the cake (or is it Joe’s snow cone?) with “Let Him Go” and off we go, across space, to Sherwood’s Planet, where Mr. Funn pops the cork on two finely-aged, largely instro oldies by Los Destellos, whose ’70s work resurfaced in 2011 thanks to the “Constelacion” LP reissue put out by the fine folks at Secret Stash. Later on, Teebs takes one statement and spreads it out over the titles of Ardour’s first two cuts: 1.) “You’ve Changed” > 2.) “My Whole Life”. Mmmm… spacey! Recapping the Home Stretch, Vikingarna leads off with a rare instro “Lollipop”, we’ve got a Euro 5@5:05 (the continent, not the currency) and, just to hype The Selecter’s upcoming Fri. 9/13 performance at the Cedar, two stellar cuts from their 2013 release String Theory …indeed two standout tracks, “Secret Love” and “Doors Always Open” …from an album made entirely out of standouts, and we’ll be exploring more of this “Theory” in the coming weeks, we promise! Tune in and stay tuned.

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