The RSST Nutshell 2/18/16

1:  The Oooooooooh: opening oldies – a fistful of '60s JA oldies, including Lloyd Charmers'  Dollars and (James) Bonds!

2:  Sherwood's Planet: Vibraholics Unite! – plus the Sherwood's debut of Jun Togawa's old band Yapoos!

3:  The Home Stretch: Unicorn Records 5(+1)@5:05  (a little early, actually) – plus brand-new Slackers on Brainlab Groove!

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Taking off from last week's episode I am back in New Orleans with some brass sounds to open up today's program.  Then I launch a reggae blend into a taste of Cuba, setting the stage for the opening of this year's Cuban Film Festival starting next week at St. Anthony Main.

Program preempted for Black History Month programming. No play list.