Episode #510 – The 9th annual Fab Fouth Dimension! 

Guest DJ Dave Roberts take's those fun little tunes from those 4 loveable Mop Tops and see's what happens when some REAL singers give them a whirl!  You know …..REAL singers – like John Fred, Bob Leaper, Howard Roberts and even the Arbutus Singers!

The RSST Nutshell 5/21/15

Sometimes you just can't leave well enough alone.

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Had a great interview today with Willie Murphy, who stopped by to talk about his upcoming show at the Minnesota Music Cafe, Saturday May 23rd, 8pm. Willie and his band are the featured performers for the 4th Annual West Bank Reunion Show, which will also showcase former members of Willie & The Bees. Opening act on the 23rd will be "Mississippi Driftwood", featuring John Beach(a former member of the Bees), Tom Burns(formerly of the Joel Johnson Band) and veteran drummer Larry Hayes, brother of Lamont Cranston's Pat Hayes.

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