The RSST Nutshell 6/2/16

Today's program stays entirely within the continent of Africa – old and new – north, west, central & south.  Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, the Sahara, Congo, Angola, and the Ivory Coast.  Just saying… E N J O Y !!!

Today's show featured tunes that have become blues standards. You know 'em, you sing along with them and you do them on stage.

Special guests are Vampire Step-Dad (link here: https://vampirestepdad.bandcamp.com )  and DJ SLT host of KFAI's Across The Borad (airs weekly 2-6am cst) his weekly show and info can be found here http://kfai.org/acrosstheboard and as always streamed live when on air at kfai.org.

Get ready as Guest Host Dave Roberts takes you into the Body of Exotica but don’t worry those Heat beams will dissapaint soon enough and you’ll be back to normal – just like Mr. Sulu.