Didn't you see? His head.  It'd been cut off!  (549)

The RSST Nutshell 2/25/16

Ooh, it's the Opening Oldies Hullabaloo – Teaching Lord Brynner to Ska, plus the 'b'-side to the original "Rudy,  A Message… " and catching the Hee Cups from Sir Harry.

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Today's program starts off in Hawai'i – ukulele, slack key & hula from some classic voices of the 50th State of the Union.  Then I pay respect to First Nation Artist Annie Humphrey with 2 tracks from her early release "The Heron Smiled", including guest – John Trudell !  This is followed by European female vocalist Savina Yannatou and a Georgian traditional folk group who were in town recently sharing their centuries-old music.  In the second hour I speak with Franklin Curbelo of the MN.

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