This is part two of a show that began at 2pm on WomenFolk this Tuesday. I took the audience from the roots to the fruits of the blues, starting with Delta blues at 2pm, going to the greasy blues to Chicago blues to Sugar Hill blues back to Delta by 6:30pm at the end of Rollin & Tumblin. For a complete edition of the show, see WomenFolk for this Tuesday March 29th, 2016 2pm and stay tuned all the way to 6:30pm for the completion of Rollin & Tumblin as I wrap the show.

Cecil Taylor

Mike Glover, co-founder of Rosso Corsa records ( https://rossocorsarecords.bandcamp.com ) and the man behind the music of Miami Nights 1984 ( https://miaminights1984.bandcamp.com )  is the special guest .  We talk indie record labels, the forth coming MN84 album, news of a new Lazerhawk album is mentioned and we premiere an untitled track forthcoming by MN84.

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Brand new music from Ellis Williams, Sari Kessler, and Adison Evans. 21st Century music frm the SF Jazz Collective, Brian Lynch & the Eddie Palmierie Project, and Rick Germanson. 20th Century music from John Patton, the Jazztet, and Cal Tjader. Also played music from resident artits Charmin & Shapira.

Noisy Village Barbarian Games and Other Delights.  (553)

Thanks to the Roseau Pep Band for inspiring the first set of the day with their rendition of The Chicken Dance during State Tournament. Everybody's got a little Hokey Pokey chicken under the sun! 

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The RSST Nutshell 3/24/16

Oops! We entirely forgot about our partial Pt. 2 of International Women of Ska, which we'll get to NEXT week. But hey, we had a great show THIS week! Here's the rundown…

Opening oldies:   Back-to-back Jamaica Skas!   –   Leave Earth, then Drive West!   -  Back-to-back Jamborees!  -  Plus, 1st-generation Skas in Spanish and German, and a 2Tone-era track in French!