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The RSST Nutshell 7/7/16

Paul Harding from Foreign Currency is sitting in for Doug this afternoon, playing music from Brazil, Congo, Colombia, Romania, Jamaica, Basque, Haiti, and more!

See Play List Below

Action packed show featuring live special guests Kondrath ( https://soundcloud.com/kondrath ) and Timecop1983 ( https://soundcloud.com/timecop1983 ).  The show also premieres two amazing tracks! The first a Retro-EDM style jam from the always amazing VHS Dreams . The tune will be released officially here https://vhsdreamsofficial.bandcamp.com on July 6th.

A very big thanks to Yonci Jameson for sitting in for me while I attended the Iowa City Jazz Festival. Yonci presented classic tunes from the likes of Eric Dolphy, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Clark, Thelonious Monk, Ron Carter, Charles Mingus, and others.