Part 2 of spring Pledge Drive.  With Luke Andrews of KFAI's Temposphere and Carol Chaos. (555)

Pledge-O-Rama Round 2 with Blanche and Bosco Fubar, featuring some brand-new live tracks by Acoustic Africa, recorded earlier in the week. Thanks for heeding the call to open your purse for the Omniverse!

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The RSST Nutshell 4/7/16

First set highlight:  KINGS' ROW!

Sherwood's Planet:  Calendar Tracks, plus SIMOON-A-THON!

Home Stretch: Success, friends, business, benefits, and Dr. Cash.  Doc, is that you? Slide us some cash… become a member of KFAI!

Doug celebrates the Spring Pledge drive with fellow KFAI dj Al B. Ware in the first hour and then is joined by Dale Loomer in the final hour of today's 2016 Spring Pledge Drive edition of "Global Beat".  Special Thanks go out to our beloved Auto Club members who have earmarked a portion of their own funds to support the wide variety of International Music on KFAI — each weekday from noon-2pm… Efkadisto, Gracie, Merci, Muchas Gracias, Shukrun, Domo Arigato, Miigwich, and many more "thanks" !