HOSNY BRONX is a singer, composer and author.

Alan O'Day – Love At First Night

Bell + James – Wind and Rain

Wham! – Nothing Looks The Same In The Light

Boz Scaggs – Miss Sun

Frank Stallone – Love Is A Light

David Roberts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Robert Lamm – A Lifetime We

Earth Wind and Fire – Fall In Love With Me *

Patti LaBelle – On My Own

Patrick Simmons – Why You Givin' Up?

Jerry Doucette – Nobody

Lee Ritenour – Cross My Heart

Ayers Rock – City Nite Life

Yasujo Agawa – LA Nights

Bee Gees – You Stepped Into My Life

The Curse of 589

A Nobel winning scientist is visited by a faerie and he is taken  by the technology she wields, called a "wand."  A light fantasy for a rainy evening.  Performed by the National Radio Theater of Chicago, written by Norman Corwin, directed by Yuri Rasovki.  Starring William Shatner and Studs Terkel.

Danny Sigelman – author of the new book Heyday: 35 Years of Music in Minneapolis – plays some of his favorite releases of 2016!