Driver’s Ed Mix

Episode #446: Beware the Raven!

On tonight’s program, we’ll spend a vacation day at the beach with Santo and Johnny, visit with the Farmer in the Dell courtesy of a record called Kiddie Rock au Go-Go, hear from the soundtrack to the film Bunny O’Hare and take a Hammer Blow from Skip Martin and the Orchestra – ouch that hurts!

Hosted by Miguel Vargas & Terrell LaMarr

First hour features a setlist honoring Black History Month; some of the artistry which has inspired me… outspoken artists I admire. The second hour features an in-studio visit from Israeli Ladino musicians – Baladino, playing the Dakota this Sat. Feb. 22.

Call Me Joe, a Poul Anderson from Sci-Fi Radio, is a story of a man who projects his mind into an artificial body built to explore the surface of Jupiter. And a short subject from ZBS, Rocket Pierre and the Crown Jewels of Jupiter.

White Desert Mix

Episode #445: The Valentines Special