Feature: Little City in Space, Episode 9
More arch-silliness from the Post Void Radio Theater's syndicated series. High atop the Arthur Bagg building in Communications Central, hosts Stu, Pete and Jerry bring you news and entertainment from satellite LCS-1, featuring The Paul Bunny Report; paranormal investigator Alabama Neptune; public service announcements; commercials for Old Dotage Fig Paste, Mama Steve's Rumba Toast, and Purago Paper Towels.

Time Machine Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Turbo Mix

Episode #468: Men Named Ray. You can booze it at 4:30, you can booze it at 6, you can booze it at 830 and down a couple more at ten.  You know the old adage: booze it or lose it: Yes Singers that will drive you to Drink: The Ray Bloch Singers, the Ray Charles Singers, the Ray Conniff Singers. 

BONUS THURSDAY! Your head’s gonna spin with: Kim Brown, Jodie Sellers, show newcomers Mary Beth Carlson and Yolandita Colón, Bensonwells, Nic Stevens, Josh Edwards, and HOTC Band. BONUS SONG after the last song, “Rez Chant”, so……wait for it! PLUS: Top 10 Reasons NOT To Share The Gospel! “David and Goliath” The Movie, Aviation Eddie, and “The Power of Music” Devotional. ALL THAT IN ONE HOUR!!

All over the map tonight…and even into outer space. The fresh new "Space Tourist" album (on Svaha Sound) from Earths Native launched us into space, and the Riverside Rocker's "Moonlight Dub" (from the new "Dub As One" EP on Boom One) followed on nicely. After this we re-capped this year's Bayfront Reggae Fest with tracks from Irie Sol, 9Tomorrows, Natty Nation, Pressure, and Morgan Heritage.