Some great new stuff tonight…and plenty of great old stuff too. Started off with the legendary dub wizard Lee “Scratch” Perry and his new Back On the Controls album – where Lee was cajoled into doing some actual dub mixing on vintage analogue equipment by the producer Daniel Boyle. More new releases from DJ Vadim (the instrumental version of his excellent “Dubcatcher” album on BBE); Sgt. Remo (with his “Give Thanks for Life” album); Zion Train (with the new “Warrior Step” single); A Man Called PJ; YesKing; Paul Ching Hue & the Wya Band; B. Davis; G-Flux; plus the “Halloween at High Noon – Corpus Vile” compilation from High Noon Records. From there we ventured into material from Cocoa Tea (who was in town Nov. 5), Hollie Cook, Pablo Gad, John Holt, Hugh Masekela, Dub Suppliaz, Dub Syndicate, The Paragons, Up Bustle & Out!, Delhi 2 Dublin, Ranking Ann, Sub Dub, and more…

Michael Yonkers, legendary local and internationally renowned musician over 52 years, joined today, spinning his music – much of which hasn't been released, debuting on Spin with Cyn. He performed in various collaborations and genres – folk, garage, psych, experimental, noise and more. We spun bands who have covered his songs, and favorites from his collaborations. We also debuted two new The Blind Shake songs from their forthcoming "Breakfast of Failures" record, out Oct. 29 on Goner Records.

Feature Presentation – A little suspense story for the season from Voices in the Wind, from Canada.  It's Every Now and Then, about a couple who finds antiquing takes one of them a bit farther than he'd expected.  Written and directed by George Zarr.