Episode #492 a Sorta-SuperSet of Henry Mancini and other delights, sorta.

Strings and Things in Hour 1, featuring plucked and hammered strings from several cultures and eras. Hour 2's first set was titled "Editions, Versions, Variants, and Number," highly influenced by my new day-job project, an undertaking that involves a staggering number of versions, variants, and part numbers, 1.8 million potential variants, if you're counting. Eins zwei drei vier funf sechs sieben acht! 

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! The BEST of HOTCR – Episode 12 (10/9/14) Debuting: River Valley Church Band and Lightswitch! Bonus closing bosa nova “I Sing To You My Savior.” Plus: “A Season for Everything” and “Cool Church Names!” Excellent show!!

Hour one of some favorite releases from 2014

Started things out tonight with a great track “Talk About Peace” from Grant Phabao & Horace Andy on the ParisDJs label…days after the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris. As the rest of the world seems to be obessessed with violence, hatred, and destruction, reggae music always seems to provide a voice of oneness and place of peaceful refuge. And Horace Andy talkin’ about peace surely fits the bill. New releases in the mix from Gappy Ranks meets Dub Club (on Stones Throw); Vibronics (“Samsara EP” on Cubiculo); Riverside Rockers (from the “Beware of Vampires” on Boom One); Jah Bless (“Redemption” on Zion High Productions); Asante Amen with Piper St. Sound (on Boom One); Black Symbol (with the “Black Symbol” anthology on Reggae Archive); Victoria Moralez (with the cool new “Control Freak” single); Monodread; Dubkasm (the “Jah Victory/Right There EP” ft. Luciano & Turbulence); Kukan Dub Lagan (“Sunshine Music for Smiling People” on Mikelabella); and Eddie Murphy – yes, that Eddie Murphy – with the “Oh Jah Jah” single. We also aired a pre-release version of a new track from Jazzmin Tutum & Dub Thomas. On top of all the new stuff, we featured Lucky Kidd, King Tubby, Dry & Heavy, J Boog, Shpongle, The Mighty Diamonds, Ill-Esha, Ranking Dread, UB40, Phillip Greter, Meditation, Noble Vibes, and more…