Swiss spun two completely different songs (plus dubs) called "Soledad" and "Soledub" (that would be four tracks total). Manifiesto Skajazz' "Soledad" featured the voice of Italy Neira, While Mimi Maura sang her completely different song after Manifiesto's dub. On the mix on the Manifiesto Skajazz dub was none other than Victor Rice, and we're not aware who dubbed the Mimi Maura track, though if I were to hazard a wild guess based on a limited bit o' web research (meaning I could very easily be wrong!) it would be Steven J.C.

DJ Danny Sigelman (Black Market Brass), Jayanthi Kyle and Wes Burdine (Gospel Machine) and KFAI DJ Patti Walsh joined Spin with Cyn Spring Pledge Drive kick-off and St. Paddy's Day celebration!

Episode #500 of Jet Set Planet features the Inner Views of Sonny Bono and a celebratory Ray Conniff SuperSet!