Freedom Suite

A writer goes to a remote cabin to be uninterrupted, but can't escape his own characters.  Written and directed by Michael Heflin.

The Count

A Dracula-like vampire gets involved in Show Business, with dire consequences.  Written by J. Eugene Green and produced by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, and sent to us in their science fiction audio magazine, The Centauri Express. 

A moon river cha-cha leads to a penthouse that is followed by an underwater shark cage – and subsequent ATTACK.  If you’re new to the program, rest assured that these are normal occurrences on this radio program. It’s quite easy to travel a road that leads from one inexplicable event to the next, with only the slightest help from your comely guide. (634)

Music from Pakistan, Cuba, Iran, Mali, Nigeria, Jamaica, Romania, Iraq, Morocco, and more!