U-18 THURSDAY!! 6 young, gifted and anointed artists for the Lord – all under the ripe old age of 18! Introducing T4 the 4runner (12) and Benji Padgett (17!)

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Paul Harding from Foreign Currency is sitting in for Doug this afternoon, playing music from Mali, Haiti, Greece, Brazil, Nigeria, Trinidad, Ethiopia, and more!

Run Westy Run members Kirk and Kraig Johnson and Terry Fisher joined me the 2nd hour, spinning rare live RWR, songs from forthcoming Kraig Johnson solo album, other projects and favorites! They perform a rare show at the Turf Club Saturday! The first hour I spun new local and favorites over time in punk, post-punk, garage, psych, indie rock and alt-country.

The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Episodes from the first Jack Flanders serial from ZBS.  Jack ventures into the 4th Tower of the mansion, the one that isn't really there.  He's the 9th person who has gone into that tower.  The other eight never came back.  This week he goes into the center of the mountain, and finds the Land of the Lotus Jukebox.  There's a Dragon there, too.  

Starting off with a pile of old Romanian folk records…