This week we Celebrate Indigenous People Day and One Year Annyversity of LatinoAltROCK! We featured Wade Davis audio from his TedTalk: Dreams from endangered Cultures

And we talke to Minnesota United FC Senior Director of ticket sales Sean Sittnick for a weekly up-date on the beatiful game


The Stealer of Souls, Git Along Little Soul

The final episode of this series about Prof. Burt Southworth, the only person who believes in the existence of the Stealer of Souls, who leaves his victims with a blank look, an obsession to watch Maury Povich, and a fear of grape jello.  He's in Houston this time, where he notices familiar behavior in a rodeo clown. 

Episode #530 (217 left!): A creamy, tasty, HOT fudge Sunday.  Yum.