Episode #519 "Ms. Thinks-Its-So-Easy."  Lucky Streaks, Chevy Caprices, Having Fun and Whistling.  What more do you want?

Floeing freely and there are no "dog days" in my book.  Every day you're lucky enough to be around is one more chance to do some good. Enjoy the music

Hanging out in the garage with Miss Georgia Peach and Travis Ramin, as we got ready for The Battle of The Garages at the Turf Club on Saturday, July 25, featuring The Pandoras, The Lyres, The Mighty Mofos, L'Assassins, and Beebe Gallini. What a blast playing mostly 2:30 songs and talking about why garage is such an enduring and endearing music form. 

Georgia was recently profiled in the MN Original series on Artist Day Jobs

Features Shayla from Trust Project MN​, an organization working for reproductive justice for women of color. PLUS, new music & our definitions of #sexy
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EBENEZER THURSDAYTHE POWER OF PRAISE!! 1 Sam 12. Our 50th Episode! “Let heaven and earth praise Him…” Psm 69:34. Introducing Matt Howe, Mansfield, OH.

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