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Synthwaves hosts and takes a trip through the gritty streets of Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s through music, retro commercial and movie samples. Then the show kicks into high gear blurring what dimension you are in playing tracks from now (Luxar, Professor Zonic Zynth, Volt Age, Tape Loader and more) and then including movie intros, commercials from the 80s, an old interview with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam and a step by step demonstration of how they mixed and mastered a Morris Day track.  More music ensues from Chuckii Booker, Vixen, Milli Vanilli and much much much more.

Parental Advisory – Excessive Language, Mature Themes, Dangerous Rhythm Talk

Hosted by Miguel Vargas

In celebration of International Women’s Day (Mar 8th) and National Women’s History Month, the Echo Chamber presented its annual “Beautiful Sounds of Women…Around the World” special. And what a fantastic list of women we had on this year’s show. In Dr. StrangeDub’s half of the program we traveled on very rootical ground…much of it being the fertile grround of Jamaica. This half of the show included the sweet sounds of Rita Marley, Susan Cadogan, Dreadlocks Faye, Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Dawn Penn, Kalilah Rose, Jah9, Toian, Etana, Ruffi-Ann, Lydia & Shema (of L&S SymfHoney), Cherine, The Angel (of 60 Channels), SXtheMadArtist, O. De Lanzac, Andrea Parker, Jazzmin Tutum (with Zion Train), Hollie Cook, Jaqee, Masia One (with Dubtonic Kru), Ammoye, Trudy TruDiva, Kirsty Rock (of Trumystic), PJ Higgins (with Jah Wobble), and Brenna MacCrimmon (with Baba Zula). Also in the doctor’s set, we were honored to play an excerpt from an exclusive mix (featuring an extended remix of the Wailers “Exodus”) from renowned DJ Eli Rojas performed live at Ibiza this year.

After the half, DJ Baby Swiss abandoned the ground game, going to the air with Easy Star’s “Great Gig in the Sky” (sung by Kirsty Rock), and then taking it even higher with some really sweet weed courtesy of Soom T & Disrupt (to wit, “Weed Is Sweeter”). Flying right past the end zone with us was Little Dragon, a perfect excuse to deliver a well-in-advance heads-up: singer Yukimi Nagano is bringing her crew of musical fire-breathers to Mpls.‘s First Avenue Mainroom Thur. May 29th, and Mr. Swiss describes himself as, and I quote, “pumped!” Should be a hot one… and speaking of heat, which rises, we kept right on gaining altitude as we sailed high over the nosebleed seats listening to Eddi Reader (with Little Tempo), Marianne LeFort (with Moon Hop), The Selecter, Ranking Ann, Ill:Esha, Lisa Carbon and more. By the time Swiss reprised his go-to “Kyary Perfume Perfume” mix-up, we were orbiting the moon…

Tearing Down Barriers to Education for Girls

Host: Latasha Gandy

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