John Trudell restrospective 12/23/15

Join Laura Waterman Wittstock and Roy Taylor on Wednesday December 23, 2015 for a retrospective on the life of John Trudell. (February 14, 1946 to December 8, 2015). The New York Times obituary on him said, “In 1979, Mr. Trudell burned an American flag on the steps of the F.B.I. building in Washington, saying that the flag had been desecrated by the government’s behavior toward American Indians and other minorities, and that burning was the appropriate way to dispose of a desecrated flag. The next day, his home in Nevada burned to the ground. The fire killed his pregnant wife, Tina Manning, who was also an activist, as well as their three children and Ms. Manning’s mother. An investigation by the Bureau of Indian Affairs found that the fire was an accident. But some viewed the inquiry as perfunctory, and its findings were questioned by an investigator hired by Mr. Trudell, who suspected the fire had been deliberately set.” The program will include some cuts from Trudell’s discography.