NüVember: A KoЯnucopia of Angst

Friday, November 15, 2013 - 9:00pm
ARRRRRRRRRE YOOOOOOOOOU REAAAAAADYYYY?? The 90s Preservation Society's expert audiovisual team will be on hand to batter your senses with Ross Robinson-approved light and sound this Friday night from 9pm until 1am. More extreme than a 12 pack of Surge!

Not ready yet? That's ok, you have some time to prepare. Go visit mom and make sure she hasn't tossed your JNCOs out (free admission if you wear JNCOs... no joke.)

See if your POGs are there too. The 90s Preservation Society has recently acquired a private collection of about 1500 POGs and is ready to flip your milk caps to the heavy sounds of mid-to-late 90s teen aggression. (That's no joke either. Mason of KFAI's BELOWtheWASTE is a world-recognized POG champion and wants to play you.)

Since people seem to like the comfort of the tables, please feel free to bring your Magic/Pokemon/other time-appropriate games along as well.

Venue Information

Eagles Club #34, North Hall
2507 E. 25th St
Minneapolis, MN
United States

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