Ten Reasons to Give to KFAI


1. You receive the great benefits of KFAI membership, including:

  • Great programming.
  • Voting rights in KFAI Board of Directors and Program Committee elections (for membership levels of $25 or more).
  • A program guide and information on local music events.
  • A member card used for discounts at local businesses.
  • A monthly electronic newsletter with updates on all that’s happening at KFAI.

2. You support an organization with a compelling mission: To broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. PLEDGE NOW

3. Your contribution goes a long way to ensure listener-supported, volunteer-powered media. KFAI has more than 3,000 listener-members, and over 350 volunteers power the station’s work. PLEDGE NOW

4. You’re supporting KFAI’s future growth. In 2013, KFAI celebrated 35 years of broadcasting. We launched our own free app for iPhone and Android mobile devices. We expanded our Internet-based, exclusive programming to five global and independent music shows. We developed five teams of music and news hosts for our unique weekday program "The Morning Blend." We added a one-of-a-kind program on Monday evenings featuring Irish music, culture and our own vibrant Irish community. We trained three dozen community members and students in radio broadcasting. Who knows what the future holds with your support? PLEDGE NOW

5. You support unique national public affairs programs, including Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News. PLEDGE NOW

6. You support award winning music programming you cannot hear anywhere else. KFAI is the local source for eclectic music covering a wide range of tastes. From the blues and soul to international and world beat, from folk and roots to rap and ska, music savvy volunteer programmers deliver diverse musical styles to you! Music hosts have won several "Best of" awards for their unique programs and the volunteer news reporters have won Minnesota Society for Professional Journalism Page One awards in competitions with stories produced at mainstream media outlets. PLEDGE NOW

7. KFAI provides programs for Minnesota’s emerging communities. KFAI broadcasts programs in 12 languages each week, representing a major communication vehicle for local ethnic communities. PLEDGE NOW

8. KFAI is radio created BY the community! We regularly hold training sessions for volunteers to learn the ropes of radio broadcasting, and have a once a week program, The Wave Project, where anyone can create a program to make his or her voice heard. PLEDGE NOW

9. Your contribution keeps independent voices in the media. KFAI is YOUR grassroots community radio station with programming you won’t hear anywhere else, and community voices that would not be represented without KFAI. PLEDGE NOW

10. Your support keeps KFAI’s eclectic mix of music, progressive news and public affairs, and cultural programming on the air. KFAI depends on member support to keep delivering Radio Without Boundaries to you. Pledge your support now!

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