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KFAI programs top "best of" list

Oct 23 2014

MinnPost writer Jim Walsh gives some ink to several KFAI programmers in his piece,Turn the radio on: one man's guide to the 22 best specialty shows on Twin Cities airwaves. Half of his list includes KFAI p

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To Each His Broom

Oct 23 2014

We're about to turn the corner on November, and of course that means snow, ice and . . . broomball. The World Broomball Championships are set for November 3rd through the 7th in Tomakomai, Japan.  In just over a week, players from 13 countries will get on their squishy shoes and hit the ice for fame, athleticism, and perhaps, tidiness. Minneapolis resident John Each managed to get a spot on Alaska's broomball team, and he will head to Japan for the compitition.

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Art Lasts - But Not Forever

Oct 23 2014

For a Limited Time Only, is an exhibition of artworks that have a temporary existence. Whether it is a unique arrangement of objects that can never be recreated, a drawing on the gallery wall that will be painted over, or sculptures that will destroy themselves while on display, either deliberately or incidentally, all the artwork in this exhibition is in dialogue with destruction. Antony Lakey is one of the feautred artists and he spoke with KFAI's Janis Lane-Ewart. 

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