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Pledge Pace Picks Up

Sep 23 2014

Sometimes the tone of an entire week hinges on whether or not you get things off to a good start.  And KFAI listeners made yesterday a magnificent Monday with contributions totaling over $9,000.  This boost adds momentum to our fall drive and greatly improves the chances that we will reach our goal of $70,000 by the end of the drive on Friday night.  

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Grandin Urges Early Intervention on Autism

Sep 23 2014

Temple Grandin may be the most famous person in American with autism. 

Grandin is well known for her design of humane handling systems for cattle processing.  She consults with the meat industry and has been given awards by PETA,  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  

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Local Musicians Burst Into Song During Pledge Drive!

Sep 22 2014

It's been known to happen all over the air during a pledge drive…a sudden freestyle battle erupts, a live blues duo trades phrases of "pledge now"…Sherry Minnick picks up her guitar for a spontaneous tune like she did this afternoon with David Cummings. KFAI's Fall membership drive inspires the best in us all!

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