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KFAI has been serving our community for four decades.  

KFAI has been on the air for 40 years, and your involvement makes all the difference.

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KFAI has been on the air for 40 years, and your involvement makes all the difference.

It's time to make a contribution online.  Thanks for supporting Fresh Air Community Radio! 

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The "Last Saturday Surf Stomp" with Radio Rumpus Room -- This weekend, May 26!

May 24 2018

For over four years the now-retired Radio Rumpus Room hosted a monthly Saturday Surf Stomp at the Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis. On Saturday the 26th hosts Ron and Jean return to their old stomping grounds for “The Last Saturday Surf Stomp.” They’ll be joining their old partners, host band Big Surf, along with the Fractals from Duluth and the Twin Cities' own Nordic Surf for an evening of fun, reverb-saturated rock.

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May 21st - Cedric Red Feather - Mandan Dreams - Mandan Turtle Pipe Priest on Health Notes

May 17 2018

Cedric Red Feather is a Turtle Priest for the Mandan Nation and written the only official book that documents their history & ceremonies.

Cedric Red Feather is of Mandan descent and tribally enrolled at the Ft. Berthold Reserve in North Dakota. He is a Nueta Waxikena, a Mandan Turtle Priest. This means that, by birth order, it is his responsibility to transmit the stories, songs and prophecies to the next generation of Waxikenas. A Purple Heart Combat Wounded Vietnam Veteran, he has been awarded six other medals for active duty. Cedric is an Okipa Maker and member of the Blackmouth Soldier Society and Red Feather Society.

Health Notes Air Mondays 7:00-8:00PM

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May 14th Dr. Steven Gundry - Plant Paradox Cookbook on Health Notes

May 14 2018

In the New York Times bestseller The Plant Paradox, Dr. Steven Gundry introduced readers to the hidden toxins lurking in seemingly healthy foods like tomatoes, zucchini, quinoa, and brown rice: a class of plant-based proteins called lectins. Many people are familiar with one of the most predominant lectins—a substance called gluten, which is found in wheat and other grains. But while cutting out the bread and going gluten-free is relatively straightforward, going lectin-free is no small task.

Now, in The Plant Paradox Cookbook, Dr. Gundry breaks down lectin-free eating step by step and shares one hundred of his favorite healthy recipes. Dr. Gundry talks about his Plant Paradox program and shows listeners how to overhaul their pantries and shopping lists to make delicious, simple, seasonal, lectin-free meals. He’ll also share his hacks for making high-lectin foods safe to eat, including methods like pressure-cooking grains and peeling and deseeding tomatoes.

Health Notes Airs Mondays – 7:00-8:00PM

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