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Fall Pledge Drive Begins!

Sep 17 2014

Our Fall Pledge Drive is underway and we are on a mission to bolster the finances of our community station with at least $70,000 from 1,000 donors.  

Getting to that goal (and beyond) will benefit from a quick and enthusiastic response here at the beginning.  And we're off to a great start!   KFAI listeners contributed more than $5,000 to prime the pump even before the drive began, and in the first few hours the phones have been ringing.  We've added another $500 and we're looking forward to your call. 

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Sept. 15th Holistic Spiritual Healing - Suzanne Worthley - Health Notes

Sep 15 2014

Holistic Spiritual Healing is by definition, the use of non-physical means to treat illness or affliction.  It treats the WHOLE person; physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.  Holistic / Spiritual healing is a type of treatment that is generally considered to be classified as “alternative” or non-traditional even though this modality goes back for centuries through the world.  It takes the view that mo

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Community Meal Serves Food, Ideals

Sep 15 2014

This past Sunday in St. Paul, two thousand people shared a meal across a half-mile long table down the middle of a neighborhood street. 

“Create: The Community Meal”, was the vision of  Frogtown artist Seitu Jones. 

Jones and Public Art St. Paul received financial support for the meal from the Joyce Foundation of Chicago, which has made a commitment to promoting community-building works from artists of color in cities throughout the Great Lakes region.

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